1D03.31/G06.0 Abscess of the corpus callosum



An abscess of the corpus callosum is a rare neurological condition that is caused by a bacterial infection in the brain. It can be caused by direct infection from the bloodstream, or from a head injury or surgery. It can also be caused by an immune reaction to a virus or other infection.


Diagnosis of an abscess of the corpus callosum is made through an MRI scan or CT scan of the brain. This will show a mass or lesion in the area of the corpus callosum.

Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnoses for an abscess of the corpus callosum include other brain lesions such as a tumor, cyst, or abscess.


Treatment for an abscess of the corpus callosum usually involves antibiotics and surgical removal of the infected area.


The prognosis for an abscess of the corpus callosum is generally good, as long as it is treated promptly and effectively. If left untreated, it can lead to severe neurological deficits and even death.

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