1E80.1/B07 Plantar warts



Plantar warts are caused by a type of human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus enters the skin through small cuts or breaks, often on the feet, and causes the skin to grow abnormally.


Plantar warts are diagnosed by visual examination of the affected area. The wart may appear as a small, fleshy bump or a group of bumps. The bumps may be hard or soft, have tiny black dots in the center, and may be painful.

Differential diagnosis

Plantar warts can be confused with other skin conditions such as corns, calluses, and moles.


Treatment for plantar warts depends on the size and location of the wart. Treatment options include cryotherapy, which is the destruction of the wart using liquid nitrogen; topical treatments such as salicylic acid or duct tape occlusion; and laser therapy.


The prognosis of plantar warts is generally good, as most warts can be successfully treated and cured. However, warts may recur if the virus is not completely eliminated.

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