6D3Z/F65.9 Paraphilic disorders, unspecified



The exact cause of Paraphilic disorders, unspecified is unknown, although some research suggests that the disorder could be related to genetic and environmental factors.


Paraphilic disorders, unspecified are diagnosed by a mental health professional through an in-depth assessment of the person’s symptoms, personal history and other factors.

Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis of Paraphilic disorders, unspecified includes mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, personality disorders and other disorders.


Treatment for Paraphilic disorders, unspecified typically includes psychotherapy, medications, and/or other interventions, depending on the individual’s needs.


The prognosis for Paraphilic disorders, unspecified is largely dependent on the individual’s willingness to adhere to treatment, as well as other factors. With proper treatment and support, the outlook for a successful recovery is good.

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