6E40.3/F54 Maladaptive health behaviours affecting disorders or diseases classified elsewhere



Maladaptive health behaviours can be caused by a variety of factors, including biological, psychological and environmental influences. Biological factors may include genetic predisposition, neurological or hormonal imbalances, and dietary or lifestyle choices. Psychological factors may include stress, anxiety, depression, and personality traits. Environmental factors may include social influences, cultural values, and access to health care.


Maladaptive health behaviours can be difficult to diagnose and may require a thorough assessment of the patient’s history, physical symptoms, and psychological functioning. Diagnosis is often based on the patient’s reported health behaviours, as well as their physical and psychological symptoms.

Differential diagnosis

Maladaptive health behaviours can be mistaken for other mental health disorders or physical illnesses, or may co-occur with them. A differential diagnosis should be conducted to rule out other potential causes, such as medical conditions, substance use, or psychological disorders.


Treatment for maladaptive health behaviours often involves a combination of psychotherapy, lifestyle changes, and medication. Psychotherapy can help individuals to better understand the underlying causes of their behaviour and develop healthier ways of coping. Lifestyle changes can help to reduce stress and increase physical activity, while medications may be used to manage symptoms of underlying conditions.


The prognosis for individuals with maladaptive health behaviours is typically good with treatment. However, the success of treatment depends on the individual’s commitment to change and their ability to identify and address the underlying causes of their behaviour.

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