NA00.02/S00.0 Superficial foreign body in scalp



Superficial foreign body in scalp is a condition caused by the presence of an external object, such as a splinter, in the scalp. It is usually caused by direct contact with the object or due to accidental contact, such as when a foreign object is left in the scalp for an extended period of time.


Diagnosis of superficial foreign body in scalp is primarily based on the history and physical examination. The physician may examine the scalp for the presence of an object, as well as for signs of irritation or inflammation. The physician may also take a culture to determine the type of foreign body.

Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis of superficial foreign body in scalp includes infection, contact dermatitis, and other causes of irritation and inflammation in the scalp.


Treatment of superficial foreign body in scalp may include removal of the object with tweezers and cleaning of the area with antiseptic. In some cases, antibiotics or steroids may be prescribed to reduce inflammation and irritation.


The prognosis for superficial foreign body in scalp is generally good, as long as the object is removed and the area is properly cleaned. If infection or inflammation is present, long-term complications can occur.

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