NC54.1Z/S63 Dislocation of thumb, unspecified



Dislocation of the thumb is caused by a traumatic event, such as a fall, a direct blow to the thumb, or a twist of the joint.


Diagnosis of a dislocated thumb is made by physical examination, where the affected joint can be felt out of its normal position. X-rays may also be taken to confirm the diagnosis.

Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnoses include a fracture, sprains, and tendinitis.


Treatment of a dislocated thumb includes reducing the joint back into place and immobilizing it with a splint. Pain medications and anti-inflammatory medications may also be prescribed. Surgery may be necessary in some cases.


With appropriate treatment and immobilization, a dislocated thumb usually heals within four to six weeks. If the joint is severely damaged, further treatment or surgery may be required.

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