NC57.30/S66.3 Strain or sprain of extensor muscle, fascia or tendon of other finger at wrist or hand level



Strains and sprains of the extensors at the wrist or hand level are usually caused by excessive force or overstretching of the muscles, fascia or tendons. They can also occur as a result of repetitive movements or direct trauma.


Diagnosis is made through physical examination, imaging studies and a detailed history. Swelling and tenderness at the site of injury are common. Range of motion may be limited and pain may be present on movement.

Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis includes fractures, dislocations, other soft tissue injuries, tendinitis, and arthritis.


Treatment depends on the severity of the strain or sprain. Mild sprains and strains can usually be managed with rest, ice, compression and elevation. More severe sprains and strains may require immobilization and physical therapy. Surgery may be necessary in some cases.


The prognosis is generally good with appropriate treatment. Most sprains and strains heal within 6-8 weeks. However, some may take longer to heal and may require physical therapy for a complete recovery.

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