NC72.20/S72.0 Fracture of neck of femur, subcapital



Fracture of neck of femur, subcapital is a fracture of the femur bone, specifically of the neck of the femur bone, which is located at the junction of the femur shaft and the head of the femur bone. It usually occurs due to a fall or direct injury to the area. It is more common in the elderly.


Diagnosis is usually made through physical examination, X-ray imaging and CT scan. The X-ray will show a fracture line in the neck of the femur bone.

Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis may include other fractures of the femur, osteoporosis, infection, avascular necrosis, and cancer.


Treatment usually involves surgical repair of the fracture, which may include internal fixation or hip arthroplasty. Non-surgical treatments may include rest, immobilization and physical therapy.


Prognosis is dependent on the extent of the fracture, the age of the patient, and the treatment option. Generally, if the fracture is treated in a timely manner and the patient follows the prescribed treatment plan, the prognosis is generally good.

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