ND11.40/S90 Splinter in ankle



Splinters in the ankle are typically caused by foreign objects, such as glass or wood, entering the skin. These objects can cause damage to the tissue and create a splinter-like wound.


Splinters in the ankle can be diagnosed by visual inspection of the wound and by feeling around the area for foreign objects. In some cases, an X-ray may be needed to confirm the diagnosis.

Differential diagnosis

Other causes of splinter-like wounds in the ankle include insect bites, burns, and cuts or scrapes. These conditions can be differentiated from splinters based on the appearance of the wound and the history of the injury.


Treatment for splinters in the ankle typically involves removing the foreign object from the skin. This can be done by using tweezers to grasp the object and carefully pull it out. If the object is too deeply embedded, a doctor may need to make an incision to remove it. After the object is removed, the wound should be cleaned and a bandage should be applied.


The prognosis for splinters in the ankle is generally good. With proper care and treatment, the wound should heal without any complications. In some cases, however, infection may occur and require additional treatment.

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