ND12.6/S91.1 Open wound of toe



Open wounds of the toe can be caused by trauma, such as a cut or puncture wound. It can also be caused by infection or disease.


A doctor will typically diagnose an open wound of the toe by inspecting the area and taking a medical history. They may order tests such as a blood test or X-ray to help determine the cause of the wound.

Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis of an open wound of the toe includes a number of other conditions such as cellulitis, gangrene, and nail bed infection.


Treatment for an open wound of the toe may include antibiotics, wound care, and debridement. Surgery may be necessary for more severe cases.


The prognosis for an open wound of the toe depends on the cause and severity of the wound. Generally, if the wound is treated early and properly, it should heal with no complications.

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