ND13.5/S92.5 Fracture of other toe



A fracture of other toe is a medical condition in which a break or crack occurs in the bone of one or more of the toes other than the big toe. It can happen as a result of trauma or repetitive stress, and is more common in people with certain medical conditions such as osteoporosis.


The diagnosis of a fracture of other toe is made based on a physical examination and imaging tests such as X-rays. The X-rays will show the extent of the fracture and the alignment of the bone fragments.

Differential diagnosis

The differential diagnosis of a fracture of other toe includes other causes of pain in the toes such as a toe sprain, gout, infection or an arthritic condition.


Treatment for a fracture of other toe depends on the severity of the fracture and may include immobilization with a splint or cast, physical therapy to restore range of motion and strength, and/or surgery to realign the bone fragments.


The prognosis of a fracture of other toe is generally good with proper treatment. Most people can make a full recovery with no residual effects.

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