ND13.A/S92 Fracture of medial cuneiform



Fracture of the medial cuneiform is a traumatic injury that is caused by direct trauma to the foot, such as a fall or a sports-related injury.


The diagnosis of a fracture of the medial cuneiform is typically made by physical examination, X-ray imaging and/or MRI.

Differential diagnosis

The differential diagnosis for a fracture of the medial cuneiform includes bone bruise, contusion, or sprain of the foot.


Treatment for a fracture of the medial cuneiform typically includes immobilization of the foot with a cast, crutches and activity modification. Surgery may be required in some cases.


The prognosis for a fracture of the medial cuneiform is generally favorable, with most people making a full recovery with proper treatment. The recovery time can vary depending on the severity of the fracture and the individual’s response to treatment.

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