ND70.0/T15.0 Foreign body in cornea



Foreign bodies in cornea are usually caused by contact with sharp objects such as metal, dust, debris, or small particles. They can also be caused by trauma, or an infection.


Foreign body in the cornea can be diagnosed by an ophthalmologist through a physical exam, including the use of a magnifying lens and a bright light to locate the foreign body.

Differential diagnosis

Other possible causes of corneal irritation which may need to be considered include contact lens irritation, corneal ulceration, corneal abrasion, or corneal scarring.


Treatment for a foreign body in the cornea usually involves the removal of the foreign body using a special instrument called a foreign body forceps.


The prognosis for a foreign body in the cornea is generally good, and it can usually be removed without any permanent damage to the eye. However, if the foreign body is not removed or is left in the eye for a long period of time, it can cause further damage to the corneal tissue and may lead to vision loss.

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