ND71/T16 Foreign body in ear



Foreign body in ear is a condition in which an object becomes lodged in the ear canal. Common causes of foreign body in ear include inserting objects such as cotton swabs, hairpins, beads, buttons, and insects into the ear canal.


Foreign body in ear can be diagnosed through physical examination. During the physical exam, the ear doctor will look into the ear canal with an otoscope in order to identify the object.

Differential diagnosis

The differential diagnosis for foreign body in ear includes otitis externa, otomycosis, and cholesteatoma.


Treatment of foreign body in ear is removal of the object. This can be done by an otolaryngologist, who will use special tools to safely remove the object.


The prognosis for foreign body in ear is generally good, as long as the object is removed in a timely manner. If the object is left in the ear for too long, it can lead to infection and other complications.

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