ND72.2/T17.2 Foreign body in pharynx



Foreign body in the pharynx is a condition in which an object gets stuck in the throat and is unable to pass through to the stomach. This can occur as a result of an accident, such as when a young child is playing with a small object and accidentally inhales it, or from eating food that is too large and gets stuck in the throat.


Diagnosis of foreign body in the pharynx is typically done through physical examination. The presence of an object in the throat can be seen or felt, and a doctor may also order imaging studies such as X-ray or CT scan to confirm the presence of a foreign body.

Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis for foreign body in the pharynx includes other conditions that can cause difficulty in swallowing, such as a stricture, throat cancer, or an obstruction due to inflammation.


Treatment for foreign body in the pharynx typically involves removal of the object either by manual extraction or endoscopy. In some cases, small objects can be swallowed with the help of lubricating liquids or swallowed with food.


The prognosis for foreign body in the pharynx is generally good, as long as the object is removed quickly and no infection or other complications develop. In some cases, surgery may be needed to remove the object.

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