ND73.20/T18.2 Trichobezoar



Trichobezoars are the most common type of bezoar, and are formed when an individual compulsively eats and swallows hair, leading to the formation of a mass in the stomach. This condition is typically associated with underlying psychiatric conditions such as trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling) and pica (eating non-food items).


Trichobezoars can be diagnosed with imaging tests such as abdominal X-rays and CT scans. The mass can also be palpated on physical examination, and endoscopy may be necessary to confirm the diagnosis.

Differential diagnosis

Other causes of abdominal masses should be ruled out, including tumors, cysts, and foreign bodies.


Treatment of trichobezoars typically involves removal of the mass surgically. In some cases, endoscopic removal of the mass may be attempted. Psychiatric evaluation and treatment of the underlying cause is also important to prevent recurrence of the bezoar.


The prognosis for trichobezoars is generally good, with successful treatment of the underlying disorder. Recurrence of the bezoar is possible, however, if the underlying cause is not treated.

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