ND74.Z/T19 Foreign body in genitourinary tract, unspecified



Foreign body in the genitourinary tract is an uncommon condition caused by accidental insertion of a foreign object into the urinary tract or genital organs, such as a catheter, wire, or other instrument. It can also be caused by the ingestion of a foreign object or a sexually transmitted infection.


Diagnosis of a foreign body in the genitourinary tract requires a thorough history and physical examination. Urine tests, imaging studies such as X-rays and CT scans, and other laboratory tests may be used to identify the object and its location.

Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis includes other conditions that can cause similar symptoms, such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, bladder stones, and other urinary tract disorders.


Treatment of a foreign body in the genitourinary tract depends on the type and size of the object. In some cases, the object can be removed using a catheter or other instrument. In other cases, surgery may be necessary to remove the object.


The prognosis for a foreign body in the genitourinary tract is generally good, especially if the object is removed before it causes any damage to the tissues. If the object is not removed, it can lead to infection and other complications.

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