NE2Z/T20-T32 Burns, unspecified



Burns are a type of injury caused by exposure to heat, electricity, chemicals, friction or radiation. The severity of the burn depends on the temperature and duration of exposure, as well as the amount of body area affected.


The diagnosis of burns is based on the patient’s history and physical examination. The doctor will examine the burn site and assess its severity. The diagnosis may be confirmed with diagnostic tests such as skin biopsies, blood tests and imaging.

Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis of burns includes contact dermatitis, frostbite, and radiation dermatitis.


Treatment depends on the severity of the burn. Minor burns can be treated with cool compresses, while more severe burns may require surgical intervention. Topical antibiotics, pain medications, and skin grafts may also be used.


The prognosis of burns depends on the severity of the burn and the type of treatment received. Most minor burns heal without complications, while more severe burns may have long-term complications such as scarring, infection and nerve damage.

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