NE89/T88 Awareness under general anaesthesia



Awareness under general anaesthesia is a rare but serious complication of general anaesthesia in which the patient regains consciousness and awareness during the procedure. It can be caused by failure to adequately administer anaesthetic agents, inadequate monitoring of the patient, failure to provide adequate analgesia or sedation, or a combination of these factors.


Awareness under general anaesthesia is usually diagnosed by a careful review of the patient’s medical history and the circumstances of the procedure. Signs and symptoms of awareness under general anaesthesia may include confusion, agitation, and vivid recall of the procedure.

Differential diagnosis

Awareness under general anaesthesia can be confused with other conditions such as delirium, post-traumatic stress disorder, or anxiety.


Treatment of awareness under general anaesthesia is focused on providing emotional support, counselling, and education about the condition. Medication may be used to help the patient cope with the psychological trauma of the experience.


Awareness under general anaesthesia is a serious complication and can have long-term psychological effects. The prognosis depends on the degree of psychological trauma experienced by the patient. With proper support and treatment, the prognosis for awareness under general anaesthesia is usually good.

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