NF06.0/T66-T78 Exertional heat stroke



The main cause of exertional heat stroke is prolonged exposure to heat or physical activity in a hot environment. Other contributing factors may include dehydration, inadequate acclimatization, certain medications, and underlying medical conditions.


Exertional heat stroke is diagnosed by measuring core body temperature, assessing the patient’s vital signs and mental status, and evaluating the patient’s physical activity and environmental factors prior to the onset of symptoms.

Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis of exertional heat stroke includes heat exhaustion, dehydration, heat cramps, and other heat-related illnesses.


Treatment of exertional heat stroke includes rapid cooling of the body, intravenous fluids, and supportive care.


With prompt and appropriate treatment, the prognosis for exertional heat stroke is usually good. However, severe cases can result in organ damage, and in some cases, death.

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